Edexcel GCSE PE (9-1) PEP Examples

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    Pippa Wyatt
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    Faye Engelbrecht

    Hi I only looked at first two sorry, time limited. They have clearly done lots of work and testing – well done!!
    First one he needs help sorting it all out into an order and actually Emily may benefit also. Recently at some PEP standardising we all discussed and actually thought moving forward it is best to start with the evaluation and all graphs and tables etc are in the appendix so it is absolutely clear what is the 1500 words. I think Emily needs to put some bar graphs in the appendix perhaps. They dont need to explain SMARt and principles just apply it to their work so again, Emily could take this out of she tight for words. She writes well though… i only scanned it but would approximate 15. i picked up a fantastic sample from another school if you email me fengelbrecht@wdf.school

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      Fiona Molligoda

      Hi Faye,
      I just tried to email you to see if you wouldn’t mind sharing the sample PEP but your email bounced back. If you get chance would you mind sending it to my school email? f.molligoda@sydenham.lewisham.sch.uk Thanks Fiona

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      Marta Cvjetkovic

      Hi Faye,

      I have my GCSE PEE coursework on Power I’ve done it but I’m still not sure it’s done completely and what should I fix.
      Can you please send me an example so I can see what should I improve and fix.

      Best Regards,

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    Matthew Green

    Hi Faye,

    Would you mind sending the sample PEP to me also thanks, mgreen@dokschool.org

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    Mhairi Bullock

    Hi Faye could you send the exemplar please? Keen to support students getting higher marks this year! Mhairi.bullock@queenswood.org

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    Hi Faye,

    Would you mind sending the sample PEP to me also thanks, happy to share some of mine?



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